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Our Staff
Meet Our Friendly & Helpful Staff
Front Desk

Nancy - Bookkeeper

Nancy is our bookkeeper, she handles everything with billing. If you come in to pay your advertising bill, she's the one to see. She also handles phonecalls and incoming ads or press releases at the front desk.


Maryann - Classifieds

Maryann handles the classified ads - placing, renewing, cancelling. She also assists with billing, phonecalls and incoming press releases.


Anne - Front Desk

Anne handles incoming press releases and personal ads. She also handles phonecalls, and can assist you with any questions you have, or direct you to who can answer your question.


Frank - Circulation Manager

Frank handles all things concerning Circulation. If you are not getting the paper and you wish to, contact Frank, and Vice Versa, if you no longer wish to receive the paper, Frank will take care of that.


Wenona - Display Advertising

Wenona handles the Display Advertising - whether you need to start an ad or change an ad you currently run - Wenona is the one to call or come in and see.


Danielle - Office Manager/Graphic Designer

Danielle designs most of the ads that go into the paper. She oversees production, performs most page layout and manages the office.


Jim - Graphic Designer

Jim designs display ads and lays out pages. He is also responsible for the design of this site.


Keriann - Graphic Designer

Keri designs display ads and lays out pages. She is also responsible for the ad tracking.


Emily - Publicity/Press Releases

Emily types all publicity articles and press releases. She also types classified ads, and personal 'for sale' ads.


Rich - PR/Photos

Rich handles press releases with photos. He also puts together the kids birthdays.